JESS Award at AFT’s PSRP Conference

JESS Secretary Molly Hillis, was recognized at AFT’s PSRP Conference in April with a Local Achievement Award.

Molly attended AFT’s Public Speaking Seminar in February 2012, returned to Juneau & immediately exercised her new skills by making multiple oral presentations before the Juneau School Board during this year’s budget hearings.  Molly spoke in support of paraprofessionals and against the district proposal to reduce their work hours, in support of School Nurses and against the district proposal to reduce nurse staffing by 50%, and in support of a variety of other instructional programs and against district proposals to eliminate or severely reduce those programs.  While not entirely successful, Molly’s appeals did result in restoration of half the proposed RN reduction and played an important role is allowing JESS to negotiate a new definition for “full time for the purposes of health insurance”, which allowed small reductions in hours of work but preserved full time health insurance status for the paraprofessionals.

Molly is the JESS secretary and works at Dzantk’I Heeni Middle School.


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