Board of Directors

APEA/AFT is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the President and Secretary-Treasurer, who are elected by delegates at the biennial caucus, and 16 voting and one non-voting directors elected by specific constituencies on a regional or employer basis. APEA/AFT has a full-time staff of 23 employees, located in the APEA/AFT Regional Field Offices: Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.  Staff is directed by the Business Manager who is hired by and reports to the Board of Directors.

Cecily Hodges, President

Bruce Senkow, Secretary-Treasurer 


Walter Evans, Northern Supervisory

Vacant , Northern Supervisory Alt

Chris Clark, Northern Region

Jeff Goldsmith, Northern Region Alternate


Lynne Anne Carter, South Central Region

Frankie Barker, South Central Region Alt

Cris Sanders-Porter, South Central Supervisory

Toni Bocci, South Central Supervisory Alt


Gavin Charrier, Southeast Region

Joe Bergnatoli, Southeast Region Alt

Jef Morgan, Southeast Supervisory Unit

John White, Southeast Supervisory Alt

Valdez Federation of Teachers & United Special Education Service Employees

Ellen Fischer, USESE/Valdez
Ruth Knight, USESE/Valdez Alternate

Anchorage Council of Education & Anchorage Early Intervention Occupations Union
Corinne McVee, ACE/AEIOU/Executive Vice President

Kimala Rein, ACE/AEIOU Alternate

University of Alaska Federation of Teachers

Tim Powers, U of A Federation of Teachers
Pete Praetorius, U of A Federation of Teachers Alt

Alaska Higher Education Crafts & Trades Employees & Alaska Housing Maintenance & Custodians

Kevin Purcell, AHECTE/AHMC

Kelvin Bailey, AHECTE/AHMC Alt

United Academics

Abel Bult-Ito, United Academics A

Tim Hinterberger, United Academics A Alternate

Melanie Arthur, United Academics B

Mara Bacsujlaky, United Academics B Alternate

United Academics Adjuncts

Fran Polumsky, University of Alaska Southeast
Vacant , University of Alaska Southeast

Confidential Employees Association

Dan McCrummen, CEA

Chad Bolduc, CEA Alternate


Sharon Baker, TOTEM A

Sandra Thompson, TOTEM A Alternate

Amey Tamagni, TOTEM B

Alicia Woods, TOTEM B Alternate

Retired Public Employees Association

Jay Dulany, RPEA Advisory

Ted Moninski, RPEA Advisory Alternate






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